The collective unconscious, connection, creativity… a dream about dreams…
A work in progress ✨

“Whispers” Conceptual Photo Art, March 2024

“there’s a song still hanging in the atmosphere
i’m gonna bring it down
can you hold the ladder
will you help me dear
will you help me out?”

Words hide out on the tip of the tongue…
Sometimes I feel ideas buzzing on the tip of my mind, their presence felt, but not solid enough to hold onto, not clear enough to pull down to earth.

I think ideas choose who to visit, testing each vessel like Goldilocks, looking for that just-right formula of openness and skill. Our capacity to embrace each idea informed by the culmination of our life experience and circumstance… when a faint melody whispers, how much mental clarity can we offer it to become louder? How much time can we devote to its development?

These things determine whether that idea will make itself fully known to us or move on to an artist better suited to its manifestation. You may see it pop up in the algorithm a month or so later… maybe with a twinge of regret. “Ah, but I’m glad they found someone. Maybe next lifetime.”

They remind us that the time is always now. The moment is ripe. Use what you have. Fly with broken wings if you must… and bring it down.

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