Sarah Aha Artist Statement
Sarah Aha is a creative alchemist and director of dreams, traversing the realms of imagination and emotion through her conceptual fine art photography and photo manipulation. A lifelong artist and student of the stage as a dancer and actress, she brings her love of human form into relationship with the beauty and spirit of the more-than-human world. 
Sometimes the subject of her own lens, Sarah dances in the the frame, utilizing tripods and remote shutters to create self-portraits that externalize her inner world. After collecting a trove of original photographs, she weaves together a visual tapestry, employing a myriad of compositing and editing techniques, manipulating each element, integrating evocative colors, adding texture, and infusing her creations with personal nuances.
She looks through her camera lens to the world beyond her skin to learn about the Self. Having learned through experience that self-exploration can become a perpetual loop of self-absorbed self-loathing. Now her mission is to help expand our sense of self to include all of life so that self-discovery becomes a point of connection with the world instead of an endless blackhole of aloneness.
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