As an artist of various mediums since childhood, I have always been passionate about exploring the intersection of creativity and transformation. With a B.A. in Theater, experience in event production, dance, music production, and more, I have spent years developing my own creative process and exploring how creativity can be used to transform our experience of both the inner and outer world.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Expanding Through Self-Portraits
Self-portraits are an empowering and enlivening way to explore ourselves on deeper levels. Because they enable the artist to facilitate their expression from start to finish as a solitary act, it provides a platform for introspection that is potently cathartic and transformative. 
Appropriate for all ages and skill levels, this workshop encourages participants to dig deeper into their innate creativity and share meaningful expressions of their inner world. They will be given tools and tips for bringing their idea to life and go away with an image they will cherish forever. 

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